Informational Timeline for Caucus to Convention

Prior to February 3, 2020

*See and listen to as many candidates as you can and potentially pick a candidate. 

What is a Caucus? Meeting, assembling, gathering. This is a Democratic Party; primarily party building event and the Presidential preference. 

If you are not registered at your current address or if you have not voted for a while, or you are a new to registering to vote; please get registered as soon as possible. If you move during the caucus to convention process you need to make sure to re-register at your new address. As in the past you may registered the same day. 

Monday, Feb. 3, 2020  – Iowa Democratic Party Caucuses.

*Expect that you may have to be in line to check in. You must be in line before 7pm. 

*The caucus is a party building exercise, we hope that you will join us. Between the Presidential preference and the party building you should expect to be there for some hours. 

Each Precinct will

*Presidential Preference 

*Election of delegates

*Committee selections

– Platform Committee requires a significant time commitment. Expect to meet in person 3 times for a full day.

-Committee on Committees is made up of 3 subcommittees:

-Arrangements Committee will need at least one in-person meeting, preferably at the convention site. They will plan setup, food, signage and write and produce the Convention Book. This includes the reports from the other committees.

-Credentials will meet and plan the registration process and issue credentials and ballots.

-Rules Committee will meet and write the Rules of Convention. They also do the counting of ballots during elections

Each Committee will need to be at the Convention site up to 2 hours before registration opens. 

*Election of County Central Committee Representative. – Attend County Central Committee meetings. Potentially help with fundraisers, as well as phone banking and or canvassing at times. 

Monday, Feb. 10, 2019 (in smaller counties you might choose a later date, this is just an example) – platform & committee on committee first meeting.

Saturday, March 21,2019 County Convention – expect a delegate fee. 

*Pass a platform

*Elect District/State Delegates ( if you are elected you are elected to go to both District & State)

*Selection for committees for District Convention 

Arrangements- 1-2 meetings you potentially need to drive to. 

Credentials – 1-2 meetings you potentially need to drive to. 

Rules & Nominations -1-2 meetings you potentially need to drive to. 

Platform- 2-4 meetings potentially need to drive to. These meetings can take 8-10 hrs. Per time.

Saturday, March 28, 2019 – first Committee on Committee meetings at the location of the District Convention – Platform, Credentials, Arrangements, Rules & Nominations

Saturday, April 25, 2020 

District Convention – there is a fee – some counties pay for their delegates – otherwise could be left up to each delegate. 

*Pass a platform 

*Elect National Delegates 

*Elect 8 State Central Committee members- quarterly meetings in Des Moines and quarterly meetings in the 4Th District. (8 meetings per year) in leadership you will be expected to help with the District workshop and District Convention. 

*Elect committee members for State Convention, 

*Platform- 8 hr. or longer meetings potentially 1-4 meetings 

*Arrangements -1-2 meetings you potentially need to drive to. 

*Credentials -1-2 meetings you potentially need to drive to. 

*Rules & Nominations -1-2 meetings you potentially need to drive to. 

Committee on Committee Meetings to be held prior to State Convention TBA

Saturday, June 13, 2020 in Des Moines

State Convention – there is a fee – some counties pay for their delegates – otherwise could be left up to each delegate. Meals are not included.

Before Convention convenes- Constituency Caucuses meet and elect Chairs and Vice Chairs. They are members of the State Central Committee.

Elect at-large National Delegates by preference strength.

Elect Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) by preference strength

Elect committee members for National Convention

Elect DNC members (term begins AFTER the National Convention)

Vote on submissions to changes in IDP Bylaws and IDP Constitution

Debate and pass State Platform

*Possibility of one or two nights in a hotel. There will probably be early registration the night before.

*Convention lasts into the wee hours of the night.

July 13-16, 2020 in Milwaukee

National Convention

Hotel rooms are thousands of dollars a night. It is nearly impossible to stay elsewhere and get through security to the Convention on time each morning. In addition there are meetings each morning usually held at the hotel where rooms are blocked off for the delegates.. People get 3 to 4 roommates to share the cost. Food is expensive too.  Delegates usually fundraise to cover the costs of the trip.