The American Rescue Plan

Impacts on Iowa : The Need for Action in Iowa

The pandemic and the associated economic crisis have had a severe impact on Iowa. The need for action is clear:

Since the pandemic began, more than 339,500 people have been infected with COVID-19 and more than 5,500 people have died.The unemployment rate is 3.7%, up from 2.9% before the pandemic.Since February 2020, more than 118,500 fewer people are employed.175,000 adults – 8% of all adults in the state – report not having enough food to eat. This …

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The PRO Act is more than labor law reform, it’s civil rights legislation.

A union contract is the single best tool we have to close racial and gender wage gaps, and to ensure dignity and due process for workers, regardless of where we were born, who we are or what industry we work in.

Removing barriers to organizing and bargaining is important for all workers, especially those who have been marginalized.

Expanding collective bargaining will increase protections for women, people of color, immigrants and the LGBTQ community in areas where our laws are still falling short. Repeals “right to work” laws—divisive …

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The For the People Act


Topline Messages:

The “For the People Act” is a sweeping reform package to strengthen our democracy, get big money out of politics, expand the right to vote, and protect every American’s right to vote.

Together we can create a democracy that represents, reflects & responds to all of us.

President Biden and Congress must make passing the For the People Act (HR1) a first priority. For too many Americans across the political spectrum believe their government no longer works for them.

For too many Americans across the political …

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Global Warming Power Point

Global Warming: A Look at the Data

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School vouchers: Mandating all to pay for private school tuition

Here is a link to the Iowa Policy Project’s paper on school funding.

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Needless needles — Medicaid drug tests costly, burdensome

Here is a link to the Iowa Policy Project’s blog on forcing drug testing on Medicaid recipients.

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Not broken, no fix needed: Iowa’s unemployment compensation system at a glance

A link to the Iowa Policy Project’s release on Iowa’s methods for qualifying for unemployment benefits.

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Big companies take the most with lucrative research credit

Here is a link to a news release from the Iowa Policy Project on which companies get the most money from research tax credits from the State of Iowa.

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Colleen Hansen Bio

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Iowa Policy Project’s executive summary on CAFO’s

The Iowa Policy Project (IPP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded in 2001 to produce research and analysis to engage Iowans in state policy decisions. IPP focuses on tax and budget issues, economic opportunity and family prosperity, and energy and environmental policy.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Iowa Policy Project is to promote public policy that fosters economic opportunity while safeguarding the health and well-being of Iowa’s people and the environment.

By providing a foundation of fact-based, objective research and engaging the public in an informed …

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