2022 Hamilton County Convention: Call to Convention




March 26, 2022





Place:  Blairsburg Opera House

2nd Street

Blairsburg, IA 50023





​Delegate Fee: $20.00  ​ Retirees/Students $10.00 

​​ALTERNATE FEE:  NONE for unseated Alternates wishing to attend 

The delegate fee is not mandatory and the Iowa Democratic Party Constitution states: 

“No delegate’s right to fully participate or vote in any convention shall be dependent on the payment of a delegate fee.”

Your complete Convention packet with the Rules and Resolutions will be sent via email. If you do not receive it by March 19, please email Julie Ehresmann, Secretary, at ehresmann@iowacentral.edu by the morning of March 21. If you do not have an email address then you may call Cathy Dingman, Chair no later than Tuesday, March 22 at (515) 297-2752 to provide your name and address and a packet will be mailed to you. A few packets will be available at the Convention.   ​

Dear Hamilton County Democrats, 

Welcome to the 2022 Hamilton County Democratic Convention. You were selected at the Hamilton County Caucus to represent your precinct at the County Convention. I want to personally thank you for taking the time to participate in the democratic process. 

This year our Convention will not be deciding who runs for President but, just as important, we will work to elect quality Democratic candidates to run and win local, state, and federal offices. It is important to not lose sight on how important these positions are when looking at the overall picture of our Party. 

I want to take a moment to thank all of the committee members listed below for the work they have done to make sure this Convention runs smoothly.

I hope to see all of you on March 26th at the Blairsburg Opera House, 2nd Street, Blairsburg, IA.  Registration begins at 9:00 AM.  

Arrangements Committee​​​​​Rules and Nominations Committee

Michael Dingman​(Co-Chair)​​​​​Catheryn Dingman (Chair)

Julie Ehresmann (Co-Chair)​​​​​Lyle Evans

Credentials Committee​​​​​​Platform Committee

Kathy Getting (Chair)​​​​​​Jerry Kloberdanz (Chair)

Sylvia Vust​​​​​​​​Keith Halleland

​​​​​​​​​​Douglas McMurray

​​​​​​​​​​Margot Tollefson-Conard

​​​​​​​​​​Carroll Heckathorne

Thank you, 

Catheryn Dingman, Chair

Janet Adams, Vice Chair 

Kathy Getting, Secretary 

Julie Ehresmann, Treasurer 

Hamilton County Democrats

AGENDAI. The Temporary Chair shall convene the convention. Say  The PledgeII. Nomination Papers Are Announced, Signatures are needed!III. Appointment of the Temporary Secretary, the Temporary Parliamentarian, the Temporary Timekeeper, the Temporary Sergeant-at-Arms, and the Temporary Affirmative Action Committee Chair by the Temporary Chair.IV. Motion needed to adopt as the “Temporary Rules” as set out in the report from The Rules and Nominations Committee.  V. Speakers to the Convention:   Message from Cathy Dingman first – up to 5 minutes.a. City and County Candidates – up to 5 minutes each.b. State Representative – up to 10 minutes each.c. Congressional Candidates – up to 15 minutes each.d. State-wide Candidates – up to 15 minutes each.VI. Report of the Credentials Committee.  VII. Election of permanent Hamilton County Convention Chair and appointment of permanent Secretary, permanent Parliamentarian, and permanent Sergeant-at-Arms. VIII. Rules and Nomination Committee Chair to present/move to adopt the Report as Permanent Rules of The Hamilton County Democratic Convention. IX. Nomination and election of delegates and alternates to the District and State Conventions. X. Resolutions to Adopt Amendments to the Constitution of the Hamilton County Democratic Party.XI. Nomination and election of District Convention Committee members. XII. Nomination and election of the County Affirmative Action Committee Chair.XIII. Report of the Platform Committee. Ratification of Elections. Other business to come before the Convention. XIV. Adjournment. 


A.Special Order Of Business

It shall be in order, at any time, for the Rules and Nomination Committee to report to the Convention a resolution providing a special order of business, for debate on any resolution, motion, committee report or minority report or amendments to a committee report or for the consideration of any matter for which provision is not made elsewhere in these rules.

B.Powers and Duties of the Chair

It shall be the responsibility of the Chair to conduct and expedite the business of the Convention and to preserve order and decorum.  The Chair is authorized to:1. Appoint a Secretary and such other officers as may be required to assist in the conduct of the business of the Convention.  (EX: Parliamentarian, vote estimators, and/or tellers)2. Appoint any delegate temporarily to perform the duties of the Chair.3. Take such lawful action as may be appropriate and necessary to preserve order.

C.Voting1. Except as otherwise required, voting shall be by voice vote and in case of doubt, by standing division.  A ballot may be ordered only after a standing division, upon a motion that is seconded and supported by a standing vote of more than fifty per cent (50%) of the authorized delegate body present.  The Chair will make the determination as to when a ballot vote shall be used.  2. All questions, except as specified within these rules, shall be determined by a majority vote of the delegates present and voting.3. When the question has been put, the vote thereon may not be interrupted for any purpose other than for a point of order directed to the conduct of the vote.4. The Rules and Nominations Committee shall collect and count the ballots and the Chair of that committee shall provide the Convention Chair with the written results.5. During the counting of the votes on any issue, the Chair of the Convention may place a new main motion on the floor and return to the previous motion after the counting is completed.


The Chair shall decide all questions of order, subject to any delegate’s appeal which may be debated for not more than six (6) minutes.  The time will be equally divided between delegates appealing and delegates in favor of sustaining the ruling of the Chair.

An appeal shall not be in order:1. While another appeal is pending,2. From decisions on recognition,3. From decisions on dilatory motions,4. During a vote5. On a question on which an appeal has just been decided,6. When, in the opinion of the Chair, such an appeal is clearly dilatory.  The Chair shall be entitled to briefly state the reasons for the ruling before the question is put to the Convention.

E.Motion to Suspend the Rules

The Chair may entertain a motion to suspend the rules only for a stated purpose.  If seconded, the motion shall be decided without debate, but following an explanation by the Chair of the Rules and Nominations Committee as to the effect of suspending that one rule.  To carry, the motion shall require a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the delegates present and voting, a quorum being present.

F.Motions1. No question of privilege or any motion other than those provided under these rules shall be entertained, except the motion to recess, to a time certain or at the call of the Chair, which shall be privileged.2. Motions to recess shall be in order at any time, except when the question has been put or   when a vote is in progress, and shall be decided without debate.  The Chair shall not entertain motions to recess when such motion, in the opinion of the Chair, is dilatory.3. A motion to recess shall be for a time period of not more than sixty (60) minutes.4. A motion to adjourn shall not be in order until all statutory and constitutional duties have been completed.

G.Resolutions1. Resolutions from the floor will be accepted through the Platform Committee.  Resolutions must be submitted within one-half (½) hour after the initial Credentials Committee report.2. All resolutions presented to the Platform Committee must be legibly written on the Resolution Submission Form or must be typewritten and include the same information as detailed on the Resolution Submission Form.  All efforts will be made to provide equipment to aid in the typing of resolutions and amendments; however, there is no certainty that equipment will be available.3. Debate on any of the resolutions from the floor will follow the rules in 

Section I.

H.Amendments1. The maker of the amendment shall provide the Chair with a typewritten copy of the amendment before it is introduced.2. Minority reports of committees shall not be considered by the Convention unless adopted by ten percent (10%) of the members of a committee present and voting at a committee meeting.  Before it is introduced, the minority shall provide the Chair with a typewritten copy of their report that has been signed by the minority members.

I.Debate1. Initial debate on any question shall be limited to a total of twelve (12) minutes and shall be equally divided between proponents and opponents, unless they or the Chair requests and the Convention as a whole approves a greater or lesser amount of time.2. Each speaker will be limited to one (1) minute during the time allowed for debate.3. On motions relating to debate time, the ruling of the Chair upon standing votes shall be final, appeals for roll call and ballot votes being out of order.4. Platform Debate.  Debate of planks shall follow the same rules as all other issues.


Forty per cent (40%) of the accredited delegates shall constitute a quorum.  No motion questioning a quorum shall be in order after the delegates have indicated their preference for a candidate or issue during the nomination and delegate selection procedure.

K.Robert’s Rules

When a point of order is not covered by these rules, or the approved Delegates Selection Plan, or the Rules and Nomination Committee Report, or the Iowa Democratic Party Constitution, or the charter of the Democratic Party of the United States, Robert’s Rules of Order, as most recently revised, shall be used as the authority.


A ballot shall be considered spoiled if:1. Plunking has occurred.  Plunking is voting for less than the number of positions to be filled on a given round of balloting.  An example is voting for only one delegate when a round of balloting is to fill five positions.2. Railroad ballots have been separated,3. Voting for more candidates than instructed in any round of voting. 4. The ballot is presented by someone other than a duly elected Delegate or officially seated Alternate.

M.Alternates, Candidates, Press, and Guest Seating

Alternates, candidates, the press, and guests will be allowed in designated areas only and must have proper credentials from the Credentials Committee.

N.Nomination and Election of Permanent Chairperson

The Rules and Nominations Chair shall nominate the permanent Chair of the Convention.  Nominations from the floor may be received.  The election of the permanent Chair shall proceed as outlined in Section C.

O.Election Procedures for District/State Delegates and Alternates1. The Chair of the Credentials Committee shall report the total number of delegate votes as certified by the Credentials Committee.  “The Credentials Committee has certified _____ Delegates to this Convention.”  

The Chair of the Rules and Nominations Committee shall then report:  “There is a quorum present.  The convention shall elect Four (4) delegates to the District and State Conventions.  Viability is ___7____ (#) delegates.”2. All delegates and party members who desire to run for District and State Delegate positions shall inform the Chair of the Rules and Nominations Committee by signing the candidate registration form at the Credentials table.  This must be done prior to the election proceedings.  3. Persons need not be present to be nominated, but a delegate must be present to vote.  No proxy voting will be allowed.4. A candidate for a District/State Delegate position need not be a delegate or alternate to the County Convention but must be 18 years of age by Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, 2022, and be registered as a Democrat and reside within the county from which they are seeking election, they must support the purposes of the Iowa Democratic Party (those 17 years old who otherwise qualify as candidates for delegate positions, but are not within six months of their 18th birthday are exempted from the registration requirement).5. In accordance with the National Party Charter, delegates will vote using a signed or identified ballot.6. Candidates for the delegate positions shall be listed in alphabetical order and numbered.  Additional nominations may be submitted from the floor.  No more than a simple majority of the delegates to be elected by the Convention may be determined by one (1) round of voting.  Each candidate must receive more than fifty per cent (50%) of the votes cast in order to be elected.  For example: if thirteen (13) people are seeking seven (7) positions, all of those voting shall write the names of four (4) candidates on the first ballot.  They must vote for four (4) different people.  Those who receive more than fifty per cent (50%) of the votes cast will be elected.  Additional ballots shall be cast until all positions are filled or there are no more candidates.a. If no candidate receives a majority of votes on any round, then the candidate who received the fewest votes shall have their names dropped for the next round of voting.  Those names shall be added back in on succeeding rounds after someone is elected.b. All candidates receiving the same number of votes must, without violation of any other rule, either be defeated as a group or else elected as a group.c. Voting shall continue until all delegate positions are filled.d. If the number of candidates is less than or equal to the number of delegate positions to be filled, the Chair may entertain a motion to elect all candidates.  Any remaining delegate positions may be filled by nomination from the floor.e. If the number of positions to fill is less than Five (5), each elector shall vote for the number of candidates equal to the number of positions to be filled.f. No candidate may be elected with less than Five (5) votes. All candidates receiving the same number of votes must, without violation of any other rule, either be defeated as a group or else elected as a group.g. The ballots shall be collected and counted under the authority of the Rules and Nominations Committee.  The ballots shall be preserved for One (1) year.h. Those persons elected as District and State Delegates shall be expected to attend those conventions as representatives of the county. i. The Convention shall then proceed to elect its alternate delegates.  Any number of alternates may be elected.

P.Election of District Convention Committee Members1. The number of members to be elected by each County Convention to the District Convention committees has been apportioned in a manner using a proportional representation system based on the most recent presidential and gubernatorial results.2. Hamilton County will elect One (1) member to each of the District Convention Committees. The committee members shall be elected by the Convention as a whole.a. If the County Convention is to elect fewer than Three (3) members to each of the District Convention committees, then the committee members shall be elected by the Convention at large.b. At least ten (10) days prior to the County Conventions, each of the County Convention Committees shall nominate individuals to serve on the corresponding committee at the District Conventions.c. Additional nominations may be made from the floor.d. When there are no further nominations or upon adoption of a motion to cease nominations, the Convention Chair shall, after giving any nominee the opportunity to decline the nomination, conduct an election to fill the allotted positions.e. The same voting rules as outline in Section O shall apply.3. If the County Convention is to elect Three (3) or more members to each of the District Convention Committees, then the committee members shall be apportioned and elected by preference group.a. The number of District Convention Committee members to be elected within preference groups shall be determined in the same manner that delegates are allocated to the preference groups – proportional to their percentage of the entire Convention.b. At least Ten (10) days prior to the County Conventions, each of the County Convention committees shall nominate individuals to serve on the corresponding committee at the District Conventions.c. Additional nominations may be made from the floor.d. When there are no further nominations or upon adoption of a motion to cease nominations, the preference group chair shall, after giving any nominee the opportunity to decline the nomination, conduct an election to fill the allotted positions.e. The same voting rules as outline in Section O shall apply.4. A simple majority vote of the Delegates present and voting shall be required to elect District Convention Committee members.5. A legible list of elected District Convention Committee members which includes name, address, phone number, and email address (if available) shall be provided to the chair of the respective committee to which elected.

R.Nomination and Election of County Affirmative Action Committee Chair1. The Rules and Nominations Committee shall receive nominations for One (1) person to serve as the District Affirmative Action Committee member.  This person is also the Chair of the County Affirmative Action Committee.2. When there are no further nominations, the Convention Chair shall, after giving any nominee the opportunity to decline their nomination, conduct the vote pursuant to Section C of these rules.

S.Ratification of all Elections

1.  The entire Convention shall ratify the election of the entire slate of delegates, alternate delegates, and Convention Committee persons to the District and State Conventions.  Ratification shall mean only that it is the sense of the Convention that the procedures used were in conformity to required procedures under the Constitution of the Iowa Democratic Party, and under applicable Convention procedure and rules.​

2.  The standard policies concerning challenges and minority reports shall apply, with such being carried to the District Affirmative Action Committee and then to the District Convention Credentials Committee.​


2. Education

3. Resolution 1:4. Because current federal initiatives have caused undue financial burdens upon school5. systems, i.e. testing, progress reporting, and school evaluations;6. Be it resolved that we support full funding for public education starting at age 3 and7. continuing through grade 12, supported with sustainable federal resources, to be8. developed to support states’ initiatives to educate the youth of America. 9. Platform Category: Education ​FF (Funding Our Future)​10. 

Resolution 2: 11. Because of the issues with the cost of higher education, be it resolved: 12. We support full funding of public education for students who wish to attend a state 13. college or trade school through grades 13 and 14. 14. Platform Category: Education ​FF (Funding Our Future)​ 15. 

Economy, Commerce & Labor16. Resolution 3:17. Because every parent deserves quality time to nurture their children without the fear18. of financial instability, be it resolved that we support a paid parental leave program 19. for all Iowans. 20. Category: Economy, Commerce & Labor​​JS (Job Security, Worker Rights, Safety)​21. 

Health Care22. Resolution 4:23. Planned Parenthood Clinics are proven to have a positive impact on the overall24. health of the population in the communities where they are located.25. Be it resolved that we support full funding for Planned Parenthood so they can26. provide effective treatment for and counsel on reproductive health issues of citizens27. in their communities.28. Platform Category: Human Resources & Healthcare ​HH (Health Care)29. 

Government & Law30. 

Resolution 5:31. Due to decreased public trust and confidence in our democracy, be it resolved that32. we support the following at all levels of government:33. Protecting voter rights, allowing every adult U.S. citizen to vote without being34. required to show a photo ID.35. Automatic voter registration, voter registration on Election Day and restoring felons’36. voter rights.37. Placing enforceable limits on campaign expenditures.38. Amending the United States Constitution so that corporations are not people and39. money is not speech (Citizens United). 40. Amending Iowa’s Constitution so that corporations are not people: Article VIII,41. Corporations, Limitations on Rights and Powers of Corporations. Sec.12.42. Corporations are nothing more than business organizations created pursuant to43. Section 1of this Article. Corporations have only those powers and rights specifically44. granted to them by the law creating them. Corporations are not persons or citizens45. under the law, and they have none of the natural rights of the natural person.46. Promote financial transparency in campaign financing.  47. All funds should have a maximum amount an individual can contribute, including the candidates themselves.  48. All other funding, including PACs of any kind, should be made illegal.49. Platform Category: Government & Law ​CE (Campaigns, Elections, Institutions)50. 

Resolution 6:51. In order to allow Social Security to continue as an essential part of the social safety52. net for our citizens and because maintaining its ability to pay benefits is critical,53. Be it resolved that we support:54. The cap on income subject to the Social Security shall be eliminated on the individual55. and employers56. Income subject to the Social Security tax including capital gains and carried interest57. Removing the ability of the government to divert social security funds to the general 58. fund59. Platform Category: Government & Law ​TX (Taxes and Social Security)60. 

Resolution 7:61. Because of the soaring national debt, be it resolved that we support that the62. government address this issue to reduce our deficit spending and get the debt63. reduced.64. ​Government & Law ​TX (Taxes and Social Security)65. 

Resolution 8:66. Because women deserve safe access to legal health services, we support classifying67. attacks on abortion clinics and providers as domestic terrorism.68. Platform Category: Government & Law ​CJ (Criminal Justice)69. 

Resolution 9:70. Because it is paramount to protect both the rights of private land owners, and the71. quality of the environmental commons, be it resolved we support that no eminent72. domain shall be allowed when it is done only in the interest of private capital73. interests and does not benefit the local economy of the region, and/or poses74. potential harm to the natural environment.75. Platform Category: Government & Law ​CR (Civil Rights and Civil Liberties)76. 

Resolution 10:77. Because the citizens of Washington DC are deprived of the full political privileges,78. including but not limited to, the ability to elect their own representation in the79. government to whom they are accountable under the law, be it resolved we support80. that Washington D.C. shall be granted statehood, so as to restore equal civil liberties81. to its inhabitants.82. Platform Category: Government & Law ​CR (Civil Rights and Civil Liberties)83. 

Resolution 11:84. Because the citizens of Puerto Rico are deprived of the full political privileges,85. including but not limited to, the ability to elect their own representation in the86. government to whom they are accountable under the law, be it resolved we support87. that Puerto Rico shall be granted statehood, so as to restore equal civil liberties to its88. inhabitants.89. Platform Category: Government & Law ​CR (Civil Rights and Civil Liberties)90. 

Resolution 12:91. We support a path to citizenship for undocumented American Immigrants including92. DACA Recipients.93. Platform Category: Government & Law ​IM (Immigration)94. 

Resolution 13:95. We support legalizing possession and use of medicinal cannabis for patients with96. medical consent.97. Platform Category: Government & Law ​CR (Civil Rights and Civil Liberties)98. 

Resolution 14:99. We support legalizing possession and use of recreational cannabis for persons 21100. years of age and older.101. Platform Category: Government & Law ​CR (Civil Rights and Civil Liberties) 102. 

Resolution 15:103. In order to protect our citizens from gun violence, be it resolved that we support104. comprehensive background checks on all firearm sales and transfers, ban all105. assault style weapons, high capacity magazines and bump stocks.106. Platform Category: Government and Law​GR (Reasonable Gun Regulation)107. 

Resolution 16:108. Because of the nature of our current politics with the House and Senate becoming109. a lifetime career, be it resolved that we support reasonable term limits on all110. state and federal, House and Senate seats.111. Government and Law   CE (Campaigns, Elections, Institutions)112. 

Human Resources & Healthcare113. 

Resolution 17:114. Advances in science and technology have created medical interventions that often prolong the dying process and increase suffering.  The absence of available, legal alternatives to relieve suffering caused by terminal, end stage illness sometimes results in tremendous suffering. 115. Be it resolved that we support the Iowa Death with Dignity Act, authorizing aid in dying so that terminally ill, mentally competent Iowans may ask for and receive prescription medication they may self-administer to end their suffering should it become unbearable.116. Platform Category: Human Resources & Healthcare​    117. HC (Health Care)​ and AD (Aging and Disabilities)118. 

Resolution 18:119. Because unsafe daycares endanger Iowa’s children, be it resolved that we support120. enacting stricter state licensure and inspection of daycare facilities and121. strengthening penalties for unsafe conditions and practices.122. Platform Category: Human Resources & Healthcare​​CH (Children)123. 

Resolution 19:124. Because of the struggles for families to find safe and affordable Child Care, be it125. resolved:126. We support safe, affordable and quality child care for all families that is supported127. by funding of the state and federal government.128. Platform Category: Human Resources & Healthcare​​CH (Children)129. Resolution 20:130. Because of the ineffectiveness of for profit managed Medicaid System in the state131. of Iowa, be it resolved:132. We support the return of Medicaid to the management of the state of Iowa and133. eliminate all private managers.134. Platform Category: Human Resources & Healthcare135. 

Resolution 21:136. Because of the high cost for health care, prescription drugs and the limited137. mental health care, be it resolved that we support affordable comprehensive138. health, drug and mental health care for all citizens of the United States 139. Platform Category: Human Resources & Healthcare​HC (Health Care)140. 

Economy, Commerce & Labor141. 

Resolution 22:142. Because Iowa continues to struggle with problem puppy mills, be it resolved that143. we support enacting state licensure and inspection of commercial pet breeding144. facilities and strengthening penalties for animal cruelty and neglect.145. Platform Category: Economy, Commerce & Labor ​CT (Commerce and Trade)146. 

Resolution 23:147. Because all people have the right to be paid a livable wage, we support increasing148. the state and federal minimum wage.149. Platform Category: Economy, Commerce & Labor​WA (Wages)150. 

Agriculture and Environment151. 

Resolution 24:152. Because exposure to hydrogen sulfide and ammonia is a public health threat, be it153. resolved that we support the Environmental Protection Agency setting limits on154. the amount of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia that can be emitted into the air.155. Platform Category: Agriculture & Environment; ​156. ES (Environmental Stewardship and Livability)

​157. Resolution 25:158. Because of the issues surrounding the concentration of confined animal feeding159. operations (CAFO) on the land and water, be it resolved:160. We support the reexamination of the Master Matrix for confined animal feeding161. operations, and local approval of all permits and placement of CAFO’s.162. Platform Category: Agriculture & Environment; ​163. ES (Environmental Stewardship and Livability)164. 

Resolution 26:165. In order to protect Iowa’s and the Nation’s Natural Resources, be it resolved that166. we support funding the regulating agencies and reducing nutrients in Iowa’s167. waters by enforcing numerical standards for nutrients for Iowa’s lakes, rivers and168. streams, including a reasonable date for each water body to meet the standards,169. regularly monitoring each of the major watersheds and lakes for nutrients and170. posting the water quality results online.171. Platform Category: Agriculture & Environment ​WM (Watershed Management)172. 

Resolution 27:173. In order to protect Iowa’s and the Nation’s Natural Resources, be it resolved we174. support implementing the 3/8 of one cent sales tax, as it was passed in 2014, to175. support the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust.176. Platform Category: Agriculture & Environment 177. ES (Environmental Stewardship and Livability)178. 

Resolution 28:179. In order to reduce nitrate leaching and protect our water quality, be it resolved180. that we support the transition of conventional farms to environmentaly181. sustainable management.182. Platform Category: Agriculture & Environment 183. ES (Environmental Stewardship and Livability)184. 

Resolution 29:185. Because pesticide drift can damage neighboring crops and cause bodily harm to186. people and animals when it drifts off target, we support State and Federal officials187. executing their delegated responsibility to regulate pesticide drift and enforce the188. federal pesticide label requirements around pesticide drift.189. Platform Category: Agriculture & Environment ​US (U.S. Agricultural Policy)190. 

Resolution 30:191. In order to protect the public from the effects of climate change, be it resolved192. that we support:193. Undertaking efforts immediately to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses194. and to bring the level of CO2 in the atmosphere below 350 parts per million.195. Decreasing fossil fuel energy production by 50% in Iowa by 2030.196. Platform Category: Agriculture & Environment​EN (Energy)197. 

Resolution 31:198. We believe people have a right to know what is in their food. 199. Be it resolved that we support the FDA requiring mandatory on‐package labeling200. of GMO ingredients for all food and beverages sold in the United States.201. Platform Category: Agriculture & Environment ​FS (Food Supply and Safety)202. 

Resolution 32:203. We support improving and developing better public transportation including204. trains and bus.  We also support improving the infrastructure of our roads and205. highway systems.206. Platform Category: Economy, Commerce & Labor ​Ct (Commerce & Trade)207. 

Resolution 33:208. We support a resolution to pass legislation in Congress for an amendment to the209. Constitution giving equal rights to women if the time limit isn’t removed on the210. current amendment.211. Platform Category: Government and Law​CR (Civil Rights & Civil Liberties)212. 

Resolution 34:213. We oppose the proposal in the State House to allow children to carry guns, as214. most children have not reached the maturity level to have this responsibility215. without the supervision of an adult.216. Platform Category: Government and Law217. GR (Reasonable Gun Regulation) and GS (Gun Safety)218. 

Resolution 35:219. Because internet access is limited in rural communities and is vital to businesses220. and education;221. We support public improved access to internet services in rural Iowa.222. Platform Category: Economy223. ​224. 

Resolution 36225. Because about one quarter of parents were single parents in the pre-pandemic226. decade, a high proportion of children of single mothers were at risk or in crisis227. with regard to poverty, many children of single fathers were at risk or in crisis228. with regard to poverty, and the work of bringing up children, if done by a parent,229. is unpaid labor; Be it resolved to support finding a way to pay a parent or parents230. for the labor of bringing up their children, where the payment is considered231. wages or a salary and health insurance, medicare, and social232. security are covered; or to give parents an equivalent amount of money for233. parents using childcare services. 234. Platform Category: Government and Labor

​Hamilton County Platform Committee Members and E-Mail

​Jerry Kloberdanz​​jlkloberd@msn.com​(Platform Chair)​

​Margot Conard​​​margot.tollef@gmail.com

​Keith Halleland ​​​hallelandk@gmail.com

​Douglas McMurray ​​djmcmurrayrt@gmail.com

​Pat Chambers ​​​pbc@wmtel.net

​Carroll Heckathorne​​checkath@msn.com