The For the People Act

Topline Messages:

  • The “For the People Act” is a sweeping reform package to strengthen our democracy, get big money out of politics, expand the right to vote, and protect every American’s right to vote.
  • Together we can create a democracy that represents, reflects & responds to all of us.
  • President Biden and Congress must make passing the For the People Act (HR1) a first priority. For too many Americans across the political spectrum believe their government no longer works for them.

For too many Americans across the political spectrum believe their government no longer works for them.

  • Americans see wealthy special interests dictating policy, politicians setting the rules for their own elections and making it harder for people to vote, and federal officials profiting off the public interest.
  • These issues are the result of the long history of inequities in our broken political system.
  • Fortunately, the American people voted in record numbers for a House, Senate, and a president who believe our democracy works best when every vote is counted and every voice is heard.

HR1 and Voting Rights

  • We need to modernize and secure our voting systems and protect the fundamental right of every eligible American—Democrat, Republican, and Independent—to have their vote counted and voices heard.
  • The “For the People Act” includes needed reforms to modernize our voting system and prevent blatant attempts of voter suppression, including nationwide automatic voter registration, simplified vote-by-mail, secure paper ballots, and expanded early voting.
  • The “For the People Act” seeks to dismantle the racist and systemic barriers to voting faced by Black and Brown Americans, including long lines and closed polling places, overly restrictive registration rules, and overt voter intimidation.
  • The “For the People Act” also commits Congress to passing the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act (HR4) and enacting statehood for the District of Columbia.

HR1 and Money in Politics

  • It is time to end the dominance of big corporations and dark money in our politics.
  • We must fix our broken campaign finance system to ensure that our representatives
  • listen to every American—not just the rich and powerful.
  • We can’t make progress on the issues that Americans care most about such as, healthcare, racial justice, reproductive rights, and environmental justice until we fix our rigged
  • system to serve the people rather than the interest of the rich and powerful.

HR1 and Ethics/Anti-Corruption

  • Small donor matching, modeled after successful systems in cities and states across the country, will reduce the influence of special interests and empower regular Americans to have a meaningful voice in their democracy.
  • Campaign finance reform will open up our political system to allow more people from diverse backgrounds to run and win competitive campaigns for office. In the last four elections, only 20% of candidates were Americans of color.
  • Small donor financing is fully paid for by penalties levied on corporate lawbreakers and wealthy tax cheats.
  • The “For the People Act” tackles corruption and reforms our campaign finance system by strengthening enforcement, amplifying the power of small dollar donations, and ensuring more transparency by shining a light on anonymous campaign money.
  • The “For the People Act” will root out self-serving practices in Washington that are currently legal so that our government serves the public, not the corporations they regulate.
  • Corporations and wealthy interests pay top dollar, often anonymously, to influence elections and lobby Washington officials, drowning out the voices of everyday voters. Regulatory agencies are being run by the corporate appointees they are supposed to monitor.
  • The “For the People Act” breaks the corrupt influence economy in Washington. Specifically, the bill increases accountability, expands conflict of interest laws, slows the revolving door, stops Members of Congress from serving on corporate boards, and requires presidents to disclose their tax returns.
  • The “For the People Act” gives teeth to federal ethics oversight by overhauling the Office of Government Ethics, closing loopholes for lobbyists and foreign agents, ensuring watchdogs have sufficient resources to enforce the law, and creating a code of ethics for the Supreme Court.

HR1 and the Capitol Insurrection (1/6)

  • No matter what we look like or who we vote for, most of us believe our elected officials have a duty to uphold our democracy and govern in our interests.
  • The January 6th attack by violent insurrectionists — incited by a former President — is a symptom of a deeper problem with our democracy and only further underscores the urgency with which we need to transform our political system into one that works for all Americans.
  • Republicans, Independents, and Democrats must come together to address the urgent challenges our democracy faces by enacting the For the People Act, a sweeping democracy reform package that will expand and protect voting rights for all, end partisan and racial gerrymandering, get dark money out of politics, and restore transparency and accountability in our government.
  • This is how we move forward together, assured that our elected leaders govern in our name and deliver what the people need, from pandemic relief to racial justice and climate action.
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