October Central Committee Meeting

Come and share your thoughts with the Central Committee.  Hamilton County Democrats will be meeting on Oct 4th at 6:30 PM at the inTANDEM Workspace. 

November General Election

You can request an absentee ballot now – see

Early voting at the Hamilton County Auditor’s office (in the courthouse) starts October 10th.

Vote in person at your polling place on November 8th. See for the location of your polling place.

September and October Literature Drop and Canvassing

Local Democrats plan to drop off literature at about 400 Democratic households to Get Out The Vote followed up by a second contact at a later date.  If you can walk, you can help. Visiting with voters is not required in this first drop.  We expect to drop the literature sometime in late September or early October.  After the lit drop, we will be following up with phone calls or postcards. 

If you would join in any of these actions, that’s wonderful.  If you have no experience, we will train you. Please connect with us by emailing

Adopt a Highway

The Hwy 17 cleanup was on Wednesday, June 22nd. Thank you all for your work.

From Deb Leksell

Zoom Book Discussion

Right now, the Kathy is looking for a person to lead the hook discussion. Tentatively the next book will be, The Hate U Give, a 2017 young adult novel by Angie Thomas – a prospective banned book.

Kathy Getting is the person to contact for input and information.

Link to the Federal House map and the State House and Senate maps:

(Hamilton County is in Senste District 28 and House District 55)

Primary Election Results from Iowa SOS 2022

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